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Crystal Balls & Frankenstein (ft. Gail Davis)

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In a wide-ranging interview, this week’s episode of Mic Drop covers everything from deep insights into the speaker industry, to a hypothetical “Frankenstein” creation of the perfect speaker. You don’t want to miss this.

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Crystal Balls & Frankenstein (ft. Gail Davis)

Get ready for one of our most eclectic Mic Drops ever


“The chairman put his arm around me and said, "You know what, kid, you should retire." And I'm like, "I'm not even 40 years old." And he was like, "Well, I don't know if you'll ever outdo this."”

-Gail Davis


Gail Davis is the founder and CEO of GDA, one of the most prominent and well-respected speaker bureaus on the planet. Before she launched her bureau 23 years ago, Gail hired dozens of speakers as a corporate-meeting planner for a Fortune 100 company. 



[10:03] - Speaker Bureaus: Myths and Facts

An inside look from a true insider

Despite some horror stories, the truth is that speaking bureaus are by and large trustworthy, respectful, and genuinely passionate about making the careers of speakers of all backgrounds. That said, Gail has advice for navigating bureaus— ask the right questions. Generally, they’re eager to help you in any way they can, not stand as an obstacle between you and your client.

[19:37] - How to Make Bureaus Love You

What they look for in emerging speakers

Want to make your bureau representative love you? Be available, but not aggressive. The way Gail puts it: “Every minute that I’m reading another email telling me about your new this or that is a minute I’m not out there talking to somebody that might be interested in you.” Be responsive and engaged with communications with your agent, and otherwise let them do their work. 

[21:47] - Rewriting History

What Gail would do differently from her early days

Despite having few regrets from the early stage of her career, Gail does admire those who invested in good people early in their career. There’s something to be said for the wisdom of investing in good people, paying them what they’re worth, and keeping them with you for the long haul.

[26:44] - Gail’s Frankenstein Speaker

Creating the perfect speaker from scratch

What traits would Gail include in the perfect speaker? Responsiveness, which fuels the speaker-bureau relationship. Clear on content, because your crowds and your clients need to know what you’re about. Humble & generous, because those are the people who create truly lasting and meaningful careers.

[34:16] -  Chasing Goosebumps

How to create moments of true inspiration onstage

Gail leaves us with a powerful message about what speaking is all about. “I look down and I have goosebumps. Why is that? Because she delivers her message with such poignancy and the words are just the perfect words.” Remember that a speaker is not only the facts they can share, but the inspiration and moments of joy they can create onstage. Those are the moments that inspire people to transform their lives.


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